Handcrafted tableware designed for Chefs

CV Ceramics designs, re-invents and crafts tableware

in co-creation with chefs and for well-being of the customers

Otsubo Collection

The Otsubo Collection brings dinnerware with a focus on simplicity in shape. The handmade plates and cups strike that balance between rustic and luxury with an eye for detail.

eXeed Collection

The eXeed collection consists of a range of oversized bowls and platters. They can be used for collecting fruit, serving dinner or as a design object on your table.

The Royal Collection is a tribute to the joy of diner and drinking tea or coffee with a royal flavor. Take a moment for a deep breath with unique cups, plates, pourers and teapot in royal blue and white.

Royal Collection

Annika Collection

Our Annika Collection brings cups and plates which all focus on simplicity in shape and the texture of the clay. They somehow strike that balance between rustic and luxury, and touch an important part of the identity of the client.

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In a world where high-speed is the base in daily life and work, we want to give an answer to the rising demand for enabling slowing down, enjoying eating with friends and creating a well-being. We want to do this by designing, crafting and re-inventing tableware with chefs.

Our Story: Each creation is a journey

To please people has always been and still is prime for me. Gathering people around nicely decorated table settings is one of the means to get there. I like to use items with a soul and story. Pieces that survive generations and carved with traces of its use.

In that sense, I started creating and making my own ceramic tableware: plates, cups, bowls and so much more.

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