Handcrafted tableware designed for Chefs

CV Ceramics designs, re-invents and crafts tableware

in co-creation with chefs and for well-being of the customers 

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In a world where high-speed is the base in daily life and work, we want to give an answer to the rising demand for enabling slowing down, enjoying eating with friends and creating a well-being. We want to do this by designing, crafting and re-inventing tableware with chefs. 

Our Story: Each creation is a journey

To please people has always been and still is prime for me. Gathering people around nicely decorated table settings is one of the means to get there. I like to use items with a soul and story. Pieces that survive generations and carved with traces of its use.

In that sense, I started creating and making my own ceramic tableware: plates, cups, bowls and so much more.

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Chantal Vervaeke (CV Ceramics) Creating Ceramics